• Welcome to Healthy Brandon

    Healthy Brandon is a community led, regionally coordinated and government supported grassroots program to help prevent chronic disease in Manitoba. The goal of Healthy Brandon is to create a healhty community in Brandon and the surrounding area. With provincial funding through Healthy Together Now, Healthy Brandon offers support to various groups and organizations who are interested in planning and leading projects to improve the health of their target population.
  • Community Projects

    Are you looking for funding support for a community project? Healthy Brandon provides funding, training and support to groups and organizations within Brandon and the surrounding municipalities of Cornwallis, Elton and Whitehead. Contact Healthy Brandon to discuss your project idea or get started right away by completing the application form.
  • Our Funding Body

    Healthy Brandon recieves provincial funding through Healthy Together Now to support community led projects that address the four healthy living behaviours: tobacco reduction healthy eating increased physical activity mental well-being
  • Upcoming Event: Shoe Drive

    Healthy Brandon in motion is hoping to help remove the barrier of not having proper athletic wear for those with low income, by partnering with Samaritan House Ministries to address the issue. Healthy Brandon in motion has targeted key organizations in the community and in the fitness industry to help collect gently used athletic shoes, with good support, by placing donation bins in these organizations. The shoes that are collected will be taken to Samaritan House for distribution to those who need them. Healthy Brandon in motion is hoping that this is one more step forward in helping to support people in Brandon to engage in physical activity by having the proper, supportive footwear to wear. At the same time, wearing proper footwear, consisting of a flat or low, wide heel, with a non-slip sole, will prevent falls. Thanks to Brandon University Healthy Living Centre for kicking off this initiative with a very generous donation of gently used athletic footwear, water bottles and sports equipment. Please check out our website at www.brandoninmotion.ca or check our Healthy Brandon in motion on facebook or twitter for more information and shoe drive drop off locations in Brandon.

    Hummingbird Community Garden (26th Street and Maryland Ave.) hosts the Brandon Ukelele Club June 15 @ 7 p.m. Bring your lawn chair, your dancing shoes (!) and enjoy the music in the garden. Hope to see YOU there!
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  • Our Values
  • Applications
We have many opportunities for volunteers within Healthy Brandon. Whether you're interested in health and wellness in the workplace, at school, at home or along the way, we have a spot for you. Ways to get involved include:
  • Joining our Steering Committee
  • Assisting at a special event
  • Planning and organizing events
  • Helping share the message through media, internet, or other means
  • Partnering with your events
  • Other – we are open to your ideas!
The Healthy Brandon community coalition carries the following values and beliefs:
  • Partnership – to foster positive working relationships and create supportive environments
  • Quality Improvement – to measure our progress and build on successes
  • Respect for Diversity – respect differences in culture, values and life circumstance.
  • Population Health – consider the many factors and conditions that affect health
  • Responsibility – to influence policy in order to enhance the safety and health of the communities
  • Community Development –  to maximize potential in the community by building on strengths, promoting community-led initiatives, and encouraging meaningful participation.
Healthy Brandon follows the Healthy Together Now Funding Guidelines when determining project eligibility. Healthy Together Now Visual Identity Guidelines outline requirements for using the HTN word mark when recognizing the funding support. Additionally, Healthy Brandon requires that the Healthy Brandon logo be used on posters, newsletters, brochures, advertising, etc. Both logos will be emailed to you once eligible for funding. Once funding eligibility is determined, it is required that the Healthy Together Now Monitoring Form be accurately completed and submitted and include a copy of all project receipts and invoices and a copy of the project evaluation. Form Information:
Hummingbird Community Garden (26th Street and Maryland Ave.) hosts the Brandon Ukelele Club June 15 @ 7 p.m. Bring your lawn chair, your dancing shoes (!) and enjoy the music in the garden. Hope to see YOU there! Brandon Ukele Club
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